Thursday, 2 May 2019

Build A Biz Online

What is Build a Biz Online?

Build a Biz Online (BABO) is designed to help affiliate marketers, network marketers, and other referral marketers to build a list and to make money online quickly and easily.

Build a Biz Online provides all of the tools that any marketer will ever need to grow a team and to make money online.

BABO members have access to:

  • An autoresponder service.
  • Blogging platform.
  • Splash page builder.
  • Banner builder.
  • Email tracker.
  • Url tracker and cloaker.
  • Downline builder/Programs page.

I personally use all of these tools in my online business and it would be virtually impossible to succeed without most if not all of them.

The fee that BABO charges for this suite of essential tools is ridiculously low at just $10 per month for the full Pro Plus package.

In addition, affiliates also have access to ready-made and personally brand-able:

  • Capture pages,
  • Sales Funnels
  • Splash pages,
  • Banners and
  • Pre-written emails.

Branding yourself is essential online. You want to stand out from the crowd and to let people know exactly who they are working with when they sign up with you.

How do I use Build a Biz Online for my business?

Instead of promoting one particular business opportunity, your network marketing opportunity, for example, BABO allows you to create multiple streams of income from promoting just one page link.

Top Tip: I personally recommend that everyone develops multiple streams of income online. If you only promote one opportunity and it is taken away for any reason then you are left high and dry. Promoting and developing several income streams provides a buffer against your income totally disappearing overnight.😊

Affiliates promote the BABO services to people wanting to market and make money online.

When someone joins they are also introduced to their sponsors recommended programs.

I am personally involved in promoting several network marketing and affiliate marketing opportunities.

Rather than having to promote them all individually I just promote Build a Biz Online and when someone joins my team they are automatically introduced to my other offers.

No one is under any obligation to join any of my opportunities, however I do have the luxury of being able to build a relationship with my team members through BABO's various tools such as the email autoresponder, and they are more likely to join my other opportunities once a certain level of rapport has been established.

This is the value of building your list first rather than just promoting your companies generic sales page.

I find this to be a far more effective method than just trying to persuade someone to join me from an online ad for my network marketing business.

People tend to join people rather than business opportunities.

As a sponsor, I try to be of service and provide value to my team and prospects.

Creating trainings such as this blog post helps people to see that I am someone that has their best interests at heart.

They see that I am passionate about helping them to succeed where most sponsors can be totally distant and unavailable.

So Build a Biz Online is a great prospecting tool for my primary businesses as well as being a suite of essential marketing tools.

If you are serious about wanting to make a living online then I highly recommend the Build a Biz Online marketing system to you.

Click here to check BABO out right now using our $1 for 15 days trial offer.

Best wishes

Shaun Ryan Price